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Raise The Woof! New Animal Shelter Construction Project

Saved Me’s current shelter is to be razed to make room for condominiums. We are sad to be leaving our home of the past 7 years, But are grateful for the lives we have saved and the opportunity to open in a new location so our vital work can continue! Unfortunately We can’t do this on our own. Please give what you can. Will you continue to be part of the team? Please tell your friends and family that their help is needed too! It’s so important that we all stand together to continue this mission

Build a Room

Sponsoring a room can mean 47 lives will be saved each year.  We are happy to have your dedication plaque appear on the wall outside of the room with the name of your honoree (can be an individual or group).  This make a great gift for a special person or pet and will include a Saved Me Lifesaving Ring logo and can denote the sentiment of your choice:  “In Honor of”, “In Memory of”, “Sponsored by”.

The rooms that are being built are larger than our current rooms and will accommodate larger dogs and a great number of dogs.

$1500 provides framing, water resistant drywall and tiles, steel safety doors, lighting and ventilation.  The rooms will be more spacious and easier to maintain and clean.  Some rooms are large enough for small dogs who are friends.


One more room….one more place to save a life!



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